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Opportunity to see and photograph spectacular butterflies and endemic herps

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Macro Wildlife Non-stop

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How To Enjoy Amboli's Wilderness?

Our expert guides know the best spots for butterflies, reptiles, amphibians, and more. See and learn about endemic frogs, snakes, lizards and more

Want To Learn About Butterflies?

Learn about the amazing world of butterflies, from their life cycles and host plants, to how they fit into the ecosystem

Why Is Amboli Popular for Photography?

With many endemic reptiles and amphibians, as well as plenty of other smaller wildlife, Amboli is a great place to hone your macro photography skills

Stay in Local Accommodation

Hotels and homestays that add to the experience

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Your Guides For Amboli Exploration

Your guide is a passionate person who took up this career for the love of wildlife. His experience and deep compassion will make you friends for life.

You Will Keep Returning, We Know!

Once you've travelled with our team and experienced the services, you will be happy about making the right choice for your much-aspired birding trip.

Exploring With Us Is Your Game Changer!

Our tours will help you maintain records, lists and you will graduate into ace birders. Joining our community will be exposed to many dimensions.


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