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Explore birdwatching and cultural hotspots with skilled expert guides

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Your Guides For Bird & Wildlife Watching

You guide is a passionate person who took up this career for the love of birds. His experiences, and deep compassion will make you friends for life.

You Will Keep Returning, We Know!

Once you've travelled with our team and experienced the services, you will be happy about making the right choice for your much-aspired birding trip.

Traveling With Us Is Your Game Changer!

Our tours will help you maintain records, lists and you will graduate into ace birders. Joining our community will be exposed to many dimensions.

We Shall Watch

Birds & Wildlife Non-stop

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How To Enjoy Birding around Pushkar?

Our local guides know the best spots for all the sought-after birds! Enjoy a bird-filled tension-free holiday.

Want To Learn More About Pushkar?

Learn more about the rich history, culture, and traditions of beautiful and vibrant Pushkar with all types of guided tours

Why Is Pushkar Popular With Tourists?

The beautiful Pushkar Lake, awe-inspiring temples, and annual Pushkar fair draw countless tourists and photographers from all over the world!


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